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Hair transplant surgery is a procedure performed under local anesthetia, where small, naturally-occurring groups of hairs (follicular units grafts), are taken from the back of the scalp (the space where the hairs are androgen resistant ) and replanting the graft within the areas of thinning or hairless. Grafts either have 1, 2 or 3 hairs in them, in their natural groupings.

How does it work

Hair transplant works by using person's own hair therefore making it not possible for rejection. The most effective way to understand the idea of hair transplant is to consider it as a garden, taking the plants from the back garden and replanting them into the front garden, where they grow in similar way they would have previously. The replanted hair is 'permanent hair' and can be treated exactly the same method as the rest of your hair. The hair may be straightened, dyed, curled and styled. Hair transplant surgery is appropriate for treating hair loss in male and female.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is latest methodology of harvesting the follicular unit grafts. In FUE methodology, the individual follicular units are extracted one at a time from the donor area. This is performed using micro-punches of 0.8 and 1.0 mm diameter, either manually or by a motorized device. The punch incises the skin surface around every hair follicle before they're carefully teased out manually with forceps. Throughout extraction, removal of adjacent follicular units is to be avoided because it might cause the appearance of a line scar. A random or zigzag pattern is used, keeping 4-5 adjacent follicular units intact. Over-harvesting in a specific area might result in ‘see-through’ or ‘moth eaten’ look. There's no requirement for stitches because the donor area heals in a few days.


  • 1. When compared to Strip harvesting technique, FUE causes less pain, faster healing and fewer visible scarring.
  • 2. It is the technique that has made harvesting from the beard and body possible.
  • 3. FUE methodology is beneficial for people who wish to keep the hair at the back very short (Buzz cut), as there's no visible linear scar.
  • 4. Other benefit includes the ability to resume strenuous activities shortly after the procedure.
  • 5. It is helpful in corrective procedures, in removing improperly placed follicular units in repair hair transplants and to camouflage bad strip scars.
  • 6. FUE can be done for smaller areas like eyebrow , mustache , beard transplant and also scar revision.
Trichologist, Dermatologist, Hair Treatment | Tricho Derma Bangalore