What really causes acne?

Acne is caused by variety of conditions mainly in those who have oily skin and strong family history of acne. In addition environmental factors like faulty diet especially sweets and excessive intake of milk products, stress, pollution, hormonal imbalance, underlying medical problems and frequent use of comedogenic cosmeceutical products definitely play a role in aggravating the problem.

How does this treatment help in getting rid of acne forever?

The treatment aims at identifying and addressing your underlying problem if any, counselling you how to cut down the precipitating factors. It is basically a unique and customized blend of medical, laser and other latest state-of-the-art technologies delivering real and exemplary results.

Is this treatment for people of all ages, or particularly for the youth?

Yes, the treatment is effective for people of all ages and not limited to any particular age group.

Is skin color a restriction for this treatment?

No, skin colour is not a restriction for the treatment. People with all skin types can take this treatment.

Are the effects permanent?

Yes, the effects are permanent with fractional ablative laser. Whatever improvement you are rendered with laser treatment for scar reduction will stay there for good.

Is the treatment painful?

The laser procedure for acne scars feels like snapping of rubberband. While mesotherapy feels like a hot stone massage. However, the pain sensation is subjective; well tolerated by some and unbearable for others. For sensitive individuals and at higher fluence levels, topical anesthesia with mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine for 60 minutes prior to the laser procedure may be needed. As an alternative, cold air or ice may be used to minimize discomfort.

Are there any side effects of laser treatment for acne?

I-pixel Er:YAG laser is very precise and safe to be used over delicate areas like face, produces better texture changes; and has less downtime with minimal risk of pigmentation. No serious side-effects or complications are noted post-treatment, however some patients may get redness and inflammation over the treated area which is self-limiting and settles overnight. Ice compresses may be applied to the treatment areas to speed up recovery and to make you more comfortable.