Trichologists are hair and scalp specialists (one type of skin specialist) who diagnose the causes of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturization of hairs diseases of the scalp and treat according to cause.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that moves individual hair follicles from a part of the body called the 'donor site' to a bald or balding part of the body known as the 'recipient site'.


Cosmetic and Aestheticis a set of principles concerned with the restoration of the body deformities. It governs the idea relating to beauty. cosmetology that involves systematic coherent approach.


Dermatology in its broadest sense deals with all the cosmetic problems. It is a branch of medical science that deals with hair,weight,skin and all health related aspects.


Doc has excellent knowledge & he treats so well after understanding every aspect of the problem. Most importantly, he always ensures that meds we buy is in right quantity so that it is not wasted whenever it has to be changed during the course of treatment. Never seen doc who has such a concern towards a patient.

Roshan Jain

He is very kind. I followed all the advice, and the results are visible from the first sitting. Loosing hair at young age is stressful, but can be treated by proper medication and guidance. I am still taking my meso sittings from him and I am totally satisfied.

Akash Sharma

Doctor was patient enough to listen and answer my queries. Initially he examined scalp and suggested two anti dandruff shampoos to use daily altering both for 15 days and asked me to visit again. After 15 days, I can see the difference related to dandruff. but still hair fall did not get reduced. I went again to inform the same and he prescribed two multi vitamin tablets and asked for hair growth and asked me to use for 45 days.

Harish Kolli

It was good . Doctor diagnosed the problem and assisted with the treatment and medicines. Thank you Doctor.

Bhavna Gupta

I had my hair transplant 1yr back from Dr Shivshankar. I was just 22 yrs when I started loosing my hair and by the age of 26 yrs I had almost become bald. I used to my head every 15 days. And always used to wear cap. Then one of my friend referred me to this doctor.

Doctor is very good. Doctor responded to all my queries before /during/after the transplant . He gives his personal phone number to me so that I can msg him any queries at my convenience and he used reply .

I am very satisfied with the outcome of my transplant. Doctor helped me gain confidence. Thanks

Prasad HN

Dr Shivshankar is a nice person. Feels good to interact with him. He is not money minded. I have many issues like skin allergy , pimples and hair fall. I am consulting this doctor for these issues. I am very happy the doctor treats me every time I meet him. Genuinely concerned about your problems. He has good experience in his field. Worked as senior consultant in cosmetic center and also as hair transplant surgeon. I have consulted a cosmetic center for my acne , they took a huge amount for their package. But pimples never improved . that's when somebody gave his reference. After meeting my acne has improved a lot. I myself have referred so many patients to him , all my friends and family members are very happy with this doctor Do consult Dr shivshankar for your skin and hair problems


I visited Dr shivshankar for skin allergy 1yr back , during consultation I came know that he is also a hair specialist and does hair transplant. Allergy came down in just few days I thought why not consult for my hair loss. He analysed my scalp and you need both medicines and surgery. Initially because of budget problem I told him I will take only medicines . with medicines my existing hair become thickened. Then I went for hair transplant to improve further more density. Hair transplant went very well. Very minimal discomfort . managed without a pain killer. Awesome results after 6 months I consider myself very lucky to meet this doctor. Thanks doctor


Dr Shivshankar is very confident about What treatment will help me. Seeing my condition doctor directly told me that medicines will not work. He advised me go for hair transplant 4 months back. I have done hair transplant from dr shiv. Results are awesome . doctor does the painless technique of hair transplant As told by the doctor , I have returned to work within 3 days. Its absolutely painless , I have not taken any pain killer after the transplant. Doctor is really good , his team is also nice. I will definitely recommend all those ppl having hair loss to consult once this doctor and take expert opinion. Thanks doctor


I got Hair transplant surgery from dr shivshankar. He is extremely good with his work. He does FUE technique , which absolutely painless but little lengthy procedure. I was completely conscious throughout the transplant talking to doctor. Procedure took almost 6 hours. No during or after the hair transplant. Very good team . Extremely happy I got this treatment done here. I would recommend everyone who is looking for a hair transplant:-)


Very good.he answered all the queries properly . very experienced. Would surely recommend. The staff was also very cordial.

Harish Rawat